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Simply Speaking is an instructive documentary about the fear of public speaking and the importance of oral communication in modern society. Compiled from hundreds of hours of interviews with such luminaries as Chris Matthews (Hardball, MSNBC), Terry McGraw (former CEO, McGraw-Hill) and General Richard Myers (former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Simply Speaking is the first documentary to ever deeply explore public speaking and its effect on leadership, success, and life fulfillment. Fascinating, insightful, and immensely informative, Simply Speaking is an essential educational tool for teachers in any field of study.



Subject Area: Public Speaking
Grade Level: High School and College
Format: HD/DVD
Duplication Rights Available: Yes
Digital Streaming Rights Available: Yes
Chaptered: Yes
Close Captioned: Yes
Non-Revenue Producing Public Performance Rights Included: Yes

Run Time: 38:07
Copyright Date: 2017
UPC: 8 23857 17492 8
Part #: TEM100
Retail Price: $150.00 (Does not include duplication or digital streaming rights)

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